Here, you can inform us of cases of abuse or unethical conduct in sports

Here, abuse is defined as:

  • physical abuse;
  • mental abuse;
  • sexual misconduct;
  • neglect;
  • harassment.

The information you share can regard either a current situation or something that has taken place in the past. Any observations and information about abuse or unethical conduct can be valuable in order to prevent more serious damage to the athletes’ health and/or to the organisation’s reputation. There is absolutely no place for any kind of abuse in the Estonian sports environment.

Information about violations can also be shared anonymously. For that, you need to register as a user of our safe messaging service, after which ESTCIS will send you a personal anonymous safety code, which we can use to communicate and ask for additional information if necessary. To get feedback on your message, you have to save the safety code. To read your messages, click here.

We presume that all information is given in good faith and that Spordivalvur will not be used maliciously.